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Version 1.5 21/02/2007

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Fuzzy Duck RSS Reader is a freeware RSS, RDF news reader. Hey it's free give it a try!

This software is Freeware

This is just me trying my luck, but donations are greatly appreciated!! (Helps with hosting). It in no way effects the software.

If you have problems please download and install the VB6 Runtime files (vbrun60sp6.exe) from the following link.


* Offline mode
* Print feature
* Sticks to the edges of your screen :)
* Now has display settings so the feed window can look just right for you!!
* Set feeds to only display their headings
* Import OPML lists

RSS, ATOM and RDF all refer to a standard type of news feed. For example if you go to http://news.bbc.co.uk you will see there is a little XML XML Syndicated icon on the page. If you see this on a page it means that they author has included an RSS, ATOM or RDF syndicated news feed. If you copy the link to the RSS Manager you will be able to see these syndicated feeds in the RSS Reader

Simple, fast and extremly small, this reader is designed to sit on your desktop and give you the latest headlines and descriptions from all of your news feeds. Thats it. Click a headline and it will open in your internet browser. It won't organize by type or shout at you if a new headline comes in or even make the tea, but it will show you as many headlines as you want from your news feeds, in an easy to view format (See screenshots) and let you got straight to the article you want.

Small image of the reader Another picture of the rss reader

RSS Reader can also be set to sit in your task tray to keep your desktop tidy. Roll your mouse over the Fuzzy Duck icon and it will give you the latest headline of your top feed.

Using the built in feed manager you can add, delete, change the order of and edit the feeds you want.

Just add a valid feed link, choose how many headlines you want and then move it to the required feed position and hit done!

Once all your feeds are in you can jump to them by right clicking in the feed menu and selecting the feed title from the list.

Give it a go and email me any feed back!! ([email protected])

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